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BlazingStar Energy, LLC

Who is this Company?

BlazingStar Energy, LLC is a Midwestern electrical contracting company who specializes in EV charging installations and service upgrades. We were formed in 2022 in collaboration with Scott Randall, a renewable energy teacher at Century College, Minnesota and Philip Curtis, a career marine engineer relocated to Minnesota and working as the master electrician installing solar and battery systems many years for TruNorth Solar.

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Scott Randall

A Passionate EV Enthusiast


Scott worked as a manufacturing engineer for AC Rochester a Division of General Motors in a high volume production facility. He also worked for a number of energy companies across the United States. He also owned his own Solar and Renewable Energy bu iness here in Minnesota.

“I like to work personal, academic and workplace skill development into every part of our projects. A few examples of this are: professionalism, dependability, speaking, teamwork, following directions, problem solving, etc….”

Education: BA, Mechanical Engineering; AA, Process Controls
Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, reading, downhill skiing, listening to music.

Philip Curtis

A dedicated Professional


Phil was born in Brooklyn, New York City and after high school spent five formative years in Hawaii going to college, sailing and working on or around the ocean.

This led to a marine engineering career and crossing the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans multiple times and considers the Panama, Suez, and Corinth canals some highlights as well as sailing through two different hurricanes; all while working on USA-flagged commercial vessels and non-USA flagged luxury yacht vessels. The commercial world saw duty on USNS ships, container ships, and fuel tankers and Phil has received numerous medals while working in the Persian gulf supporting USA and NATO missions. The luxury yacht industry demanded a high degree of customer service which clients of BlazingStar Energy will benefit from. Once settled in Minnesota, Phil established a new career in the renewable energy industry working as a master electrician installing battery and solar systems around the Midwest. Phil has a wife and two children (7 and 3, as of 2023) and enjoys traveling, adventure, and thrives on experiencing different cultures, people, and lands. As well as all over the USA, Phil has lived in Hong Kong and India.

Phil brings a high degree of professionalism, safety, and service to BlazingStar Energy, LLC.